Private Lessons

Fast track your dancing. There is no better or faster way to improve your dancing than through one-on-one lessons with our expert instructors…


Group classes are fantastic and extremely social but there are many details that simply cannot be addressed in a group setting that you will be able to focus on in a one-on-one environment. Whether you want to move up to the next level quickly or master a particular skill or move, one-on-one lessons will have you burning up the floor sooner rather than later.


If you are unable to attend evening group classes during the week or have a changing work roster, private lessons are perfect for you. We are extremely flexible and can work around your schedule. Instructors are available Monday to Friday during business hours and in the evenings as well Saturdays and Sundays.


Pricing depends on whether you purchase a single lesson or one of our economical packages.


Prices are valid for one instructor for one hour. Prices are valid whether you attend alone or as a couple. Come along with a partner and split the cost.

If you would like to take advantage of packages, payment needs to be made upfront.

You are able to cancel and reschedule classes provided that you give 24 hours’ notice. If instructor is not notified and is waiting at the studio, the lesson is forfeited.

For a private lesson with more than one instructor or a group private lesson (more than two people), contact us!


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What some of our very happy students have to say…

Since I have been having private lessons with Juan not only has my Salsa and Bachata improved greatly but also my understanding of the music and rhythms and thereby my timing and technique and as a consequence my confidence. I would definitely recommend private lessons on top of the regular group classes…


Juan is a fantastic instructor. He is knowledgeable and attentive as he teaches you the fundamentals of really “hearing” and understanding the music as well as the technique and movements. His passion for dance, attention to detail and patience in going through the steps foster a fun, effortless learning environment. I couldn’t recommend the private lessons more!


Had you asked me 6 months ago about private lessons, I’d have said you do them for performing choreographies (eg brushing up on the mid year showcase).  I then decided to try out in the Brisbane competition doing a Pro/am with Juan Carlos & Salsa Solo. The privates were all about perfecting the routines & as such produced great results. It’s really the last 3 private’s I have just had where I can see just how much fun they are & how important to improve basic technique so bad habits aren’t formed. If I had done it sooner the habits would be less entrenched. Even if you treat yourself to one or 2, it is AMAZING how much you can cover in one hour 1 on 1. Makes the group classes less stressful & your technique improves exponentially.  I’m committing to more this year. See you on the dance floor.